“Practice Gaps: Where You Lose Patients and Profits Every Day and Don’t Know It”

Practice Gaps: Where You Lose Patients and Profits Every Day and Don't Know ItThe biggest problem I see after working with practices all over the       
country for the past 14 years is most practices focus on one thing:
new leads and calls ONLY.

So, what is that the best way to grow your practice?

 Is it SEO?

Is it PPC?

Is it Directories?

Is it Social Media?

Is it Mobile Marketing?

Is it Word-of-Mouth Referrals?

This is only a partial list but, as you can see, the list seems to be endless,
and many doctors are getting overwhelmed. And this leads to ONE of the
two following outcomes:

-       You don’t do anything (because you’re confused about the “best”
way to grow your practice and that means you remain stagnant
but we all know if you’re not growing, you’re dying or….

-     You do everything and chase every shiny object – buying into the
hype and false promises of slick marketers who sell you the latest
gimmick but does it really help you grow your practice with loyal,
raving fans who pay, stay and refer?

How do you grow your aesthetic practice?

So, what’s the right approach to growing your practice so you enjoy going into
the office every day, working with a supportive staff you are proud of, and meeting
with patients who say YES to you after you spend hours consulting with

The right approach is to stop, think it through and then strategically make decisions
based on solid data so you can create processes that build your practice with quality
patients who becoming raving fans who return, refer and give you good reviews.

For example, when all of your time, money and efforts pay off and the phone rings
with a prospective patient asking about a procedure, what happens?

-  Do they book an appointment?

-  Do they show up when they say they will?

-  Are they cordial to your staff and open to sharing with them?

-  Are they “pre-sold” on you or are they shopping around?

-  Are they ready to say yes (versus the dreaded, “I’ll think about it”)?

If you CANNOT say yes to the above questions, you have gaps costing you dearly
in patients and profits.

It’s not ALL about leads. 

It’s about what you do with these leads that makes you successful.

Join me on my next Webinar where I lay out the perfect Patient Attraction and
Conversion Blueprint that fills in the gaps costing you dearly in more patients and
more profits.

You may be surprised to discover how small tweaks create big results almost

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Practice Success Secret #4: Create A Practice You Can Sell For Millions

sell your businessImagine for a minute you owned a perfect medical practice. What would it look like?

If you’re like most surgeons I meet, your perfect business model would be:

• Completely run by your team

• Organized and systematized

• A great place to work – attracting top talent

• Built on satisfying loyal patients and turning them into raving fans

• Rake in at least double the average industry profit

• Growing in size and consistently growing your personal wealth

• Give you complete freedom and flexibility

• Be fun to own without the headaches that often come with being the business owner

Well, if your list is similar, then today’s your lucky day. Why? Because in this post I’m going to walk you through the steps that will transform your current practice into the perfect practice you just imagined.

Because if you’re like most surgeons, your current reality isn’t at all like you dreamed it would be.

Here’s what I mean: The average surgeon is overworked… stressed out…. underpaid… has little life outside their practice… feels out of control… and worries about their practice 24/7.

When I talk to most surgeons, they tell me they’re not happy with their practice, staff, patients, or the money they are making. But they stay in business, doing what they know how to do… because they don’t know how to fix their problems. They don’t know how to make their practices work for them as opposed to them working for their practices.

Have you ever said to yourself:
•  I’m tired of having to do everything myself….
•  I need to figure out a way to make more money…
•  I wish I could find a way to work less and make more….
•  My practice is consuming my life – I have almost no free time…
•  I can’t seem to find the right type of people to help me grow my practice…
•  I wish I could spend less time putting out fires and more time growing my business…

If any of these sound familiar, I’ve got good news for you.

These issues are all symptoms of a practice lacking in systems. So the practice ends up dependent on the surgeon for everything.

And the good news is – once you begin to install systems inside your practice all the symptoms above will disappear.

Because with formalized systems you’ll be able to show anyone you bring on in your practice exactly what’s expected. You’ll be able to trust them to do their jobs properly. You will be free from constant, full-time supervision, micromanaging, and continuously having to give directions Which frees up your time to grow your practice. And ultimately get free of it!

The net result – (with systems) you’ll make more money and have more fun with less stress. Your practice will be efficient, fast, productive, problem-free, and immensely profitable.

Everyone who comes into contact with you and your practice will notice your quick execution of detail, your consistent reliability, and the congruency between what you say and what you do.

And that’s how Dr. Williams went from working 6 days a week, up to 70+ hours to working only 4 days a week, takes 6-8 weeks of vacation every year and enjoys dinner with his family almost every night.

In my online interview with Dr. Edwin Williams, I will show you EXACTLY how YOU can implement these 4 Successful Practice Principles in YOUR OWN practice, so that you can transform your practice into the practice you deserve and desire.

Discover how to create a practice you can sell at my upcoming Webinar where I interview Dr. Williams to get more details.

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Practice Success Secret #3: Set standards so you never compete on price again

groupon NOHave you ever had to compete with groupon?
How about the patients who show up to negotiate with you?

Dr. Williams doesn’t give discounts.
He doesn’t have to deal with price-shoppers.
In fact, he’s charging 10-15% more than his competitors.

How does he do that?

The marketing machine he puts in place does not attract the discount shoppers.

He set new standards and strategically implemented them in his marketing to attract “the right patients”.

The Right Patients who are more than happy to pay premium price for his skills and expertise.

Patients who keep coming back for more cosmetic procedures.

Patients who are raving fans and refer him to their family and friends without asking for anything in return.

Patients who are walking testimonials for the quality of his work and the effectiveness/efficiency of his practice.

The secret is to change your focus to how much that one procedure is worth to you vs. what is the LIFETIME value of NOT ONLY that procedure but the countless OTHER procedures you get when that patient returns again and again and refers their friends and family.

So the take-a-way is to NOT attempt to sell everything to the patient on their first visit. It’s much more valuable to build a long-term relationship and you do that by focusing on what value, benefit, advantage or increased results you can give your patients so they won’t be able to do anything but buy from you – and buy for a lifetime.

Discover how to attract “profitable” patients without discounting at my upcoming Webinar where I interview Dr. Williams to get more details.

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Practice Success Secret #2 of 4

Plan Image for Blog PostLots of wannabe aesthetic physicians who wish they were successful aesthetic surgeons are in a constant search for the hot opportunity.

They’re searching for the next hot patient opportunity, the killer conversion strategy, or anything else that promises the secret shortcut to eliminating what’s currently holding them back.

Their thinking being, I’d imagine, that aesthetic surgeons who are successful are successful because they know something that everyone else doesn’t like the cutting-edge thing, the inside track, the search engine loophole, the backdoor pay-per-click bidding strategy, the social media strategy that never fails, etc…

In other words, what most physicians seem to believe about successful  surgeons is that they’re lucky. They believe it’s easier for these successful surgeons because their market is not as saturated as yours and the Recession didn’t hit their patients as hard as it hit yours.

In other words, the thinking goes… sure things are what success is made of… find a sure thing and your success is assured.

But that’s wrong thinking that won’t help anybody win in aesthetics. The most successful surgeons I know aren’t opportunists nor are they lucky.

The most successful surgeons I know are STRATEGIC.

And that’s what Dr. Williams did. Instead of chasing marketing tactics, he took time to create a comprehensive and strategic marketing and business plan. He used a specific formula that allowed him to fill in the blanks.

Creating a strategic marketing plan allowed him to focus on the marketing tactics that REALLY brought him patients and more revenue, marketing that actually worked.

And the best: instead of spending a lot of time trying to learn the latest tactics - and wasting a lot of money on trial and error – he implemented a marketing machine that took his practice from mediocre to a multi-million dollar practice.

Discover how you can set up your own strategic marketing plan that REALLY brings you more patients and profits.

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Here’s How Dr. Williams Built an 8-Figure Practice…

Dr. Edwin Williams discovered and applied 4 Success Secrets thatEd Pic
took him from struggling to a multi-million dollar practice.

The 1st Success Secret he discovered was:

Building an A-Team

Most aesthetic surgeons have challenges with their staff:

1) their staff doesn’t care about their practice like they do
2) their staff is not converting prospective patients into paying patients. (In fact, often they chase patients away)
3) their staff doesn’t know how to promote the surgeon as the best choice to the patients

One of the most important things that Dr. Williams attributes to his success is his ability to transform his staff into his dream team of A Players.

It all starts with a strong vision of leadership…

However, most surgeons are only managers, and there’s an important difference between “leadership” and “management”.

Management is a bottom-line focus: How can I best accomplish certain things?
Leadership deals with the top line: What are the things I want to accomplish?

In the words of Business Expert Peter Drucker, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Effectiveness — often even survival — does not depend solely on how much effort you expend, but on whether or not the effort you expend is in the right direction. And the metamorphosis taking place in most every industry and profession demands leadership first and management second.

If you are only “managing” the people who work for you, then you only have “staff”.

But if you provide leadership and vision, then your team gets aligned with YOUR purpose.

They will LOVE working for you and making you money, because they know it’ll affect THEIR lives as well.

Learn more about how to build your own dream team at my upcoming Webinar where I interview Dr. Williams to get more details.

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He Was Right!

In his bestselling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki presented the
“Cash Flow Quadrant”:

Using this quadrant, Mr. Kiyosaki explains clearly why some people make a lot of
money AND have time to enjoy their riches, while others are stuck in a rat race.

As you can see, “the rich” have either businesses in which PEOPLE are working hard
for them, or they have MONEY working hard for them while they enjoy a good life.

Now ask yourself: In which quadrant are YOU?

Sadly, most surgeons are stuck in the “self-employed” quadrant. Yes, you work for
yourself (and Uncle Sam), but most probably you can not take a 6 week vacation
without a severe negative impact on your business and your income.

If you want to become wealthy AND enjoy life, you need to move to the right side
of the quadrant.

But let’s be honest: Do you have a team of superstars that work hard for YOU?

Can you leave your practice for a few weeks, come back and found your practice in
a better shape that before you left?

In order to move to the upper right quadrant, you need to find the right TEAM and
implement SYSTEMS and PROCEDURES that put your patient attraction, conversion
and even fulfillment on autopilot. This is not easy, but it can be done!

Actually, I know somebody who has done it. His name is Dr. Ed Williams. He created
a very successful figure practice that runs without him. He has a team in place that works
hard to generate an income for him.

And Dr. Williams invests the money he generates through his business to have MONEY
working hard for him. (Note that I say “business” and not “practice”, because Dr. Williams has created a well-oiled machine that can run without him!)

Dr. Williams didn’t create this business overnight. It took him a few years! But he has
developed a BLUEPRINT that he has been sharing with physicians like YOU to help YOU
creating the same business, lifestyle and income.

And on April 3rd, 2014, I’m hosting a free online seminar, in which Dr. Williams will share his blueprint. He will reveal “The 4 Success Secrets” that he personally used to turn his practice from “doing fine” into a “cash generating machine”

Just click on the link below to sign up for the Webinar


Register now and mark it on your calendar, because you don’t want to miss it. THIS Webinar will change your perspective on how to run your practice, and you will learn how exactly you can move to the “right side” of the Cash Flow Quadrant.


More about Dr. Ed Williams

He went from an “ok” practice to a multi-million-dollar practice during the Recession while…

- Working only 4 days per week and taking Fridays off to do what HE wants to do
- Going home almost every night to his wife and 4 kids
- Taking 6 weeks of vacation each year while..
- Enjoying the freedom and PEACE OF MIND to retire today if he felt like it

Dr. Williams is a board-certified facial plastic and Reconstructive

Surgeon in practice for the past 20 years in Latham, NY and he also has an office in NYC. He founded a 22,000 square foot multi-specialty surgery center with medical offices and medi-spa and employs more than 40 staff.

Dr. Williams is President-Elect of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (known as the AAFPRS) while also being involved in local charities and his kids’ busy school and sports activities.




Generational Marketing

When reaching out to patients in multiple age groups, one size does not fit all. 

Generational Marketing in MedEsthetics Magazine

Growing up in the 1950s was different than growing up in the 1980s. Gen Xers tend to embrace individuality and are comfortable with technology, using it to communicate and take in new information. Baby boomers, on the other hand, often appreciate letter writing and embrace a strong sense of community. The aesthetic industry is now a multi-generational market, encompassing everyone from the 20-year-old interested in breast enhancement to the 70-year-old seeking a facelift. The challenge for practitioners is in creating a practice environment and marketing plan that speaks to a wide range of age groups.

As you will learn on the following pages, each generation has its own characteristics, belief systems and life experiences that affect the way its members behave, take in information and make decisions. In order to market effectively to a specific generation, you must find a way to grab its attention by using messages that resonate with its members in the format they most gravitate to and in the manner they most appreciate.

There are four generations of patients now seeking cosmetic procedures:

1. Traditionalists (born 1922-1945) ages 65+
2. Baby boomers (born 1946-1964) ages 47 – 64
3. Generation X (born 1965-1980) ages 30 – 46
4. Generation Y/Millennials (born 1981-2000) 
under 30 years old

Traditionalists (65+ years old)

The good news is that this population of seniors is fighting aging more than any previous generation. They are coming to terms with getting older, but they do not want to look and feel “old.” They are interested in quality of life and information on how to live longer and stronger.

Patients of this generation have a traditional mindset when it comes to purchasing services. They value personal business-customer relationships. A traditionalist would be more likely to drive a long distance to see someone they know than to check out the newest competitor in town. They are also ready and willing to sing your praises to others.

Traditionalists want to spend quality time with their physicians and create a bond so they can feel cared for by someone who truly has their best interests at heart. Let these patients know that they always come first and they are your top priority. Be sure to mention that you welcome their friends and family and will take good care of them.

To retain these patients, stay in touch with them through interesting communications filled with information and details—the more, the better. Talk about quality of life and how to get the most out of life.

Traditionalists respond best to personalized messaging and word-of-mouth marketing. Send them letters addressed to them by name. Talk about their interests and invite them in to talk with you one-on-one. Give them your business cards so they can pass them out to their friends and family.

Baby Boomers
 (47 – 64 years old)

Out of the four generations, baby boomers have the most money to spend, and they are willing to put money, time and effort into looking and feeling their best. They tend to see themselves as 10 to 15 years younger than they are and
are willing to go to some length to stave off looking and feeling old.

Baby boomers are more likely than their children to stay loyal to a business, but they do expect respect, personalized service and convenience. Trust is crucial to this group, so they tend to rely on their friends’ recommendations first and then comparison shop before making a decision. They are looking for value and worth for their hard-earned money. More and more baby boomers have turned to the Internet for information on providers as they get more comfortable with technology.

Since they value trust, the more face time you can offer these patients, the more likely they are to choose you over your competitors. Invite them to your open house events, ask for their opinion in surveys and send them personalized communications filled with information about procedures—including testimonials—and special promotions that have their particular interests in mind.

Generation X 
(30 – 46 years old)

Gen Xers are considered the cynical but savvy generation. They were the first generation
to grow up immersed in computer technol
ogy. This generation is the busiest of the four, 
because its members are focused equally on family and career. People of this generation don’t have time to compare prices and services. Gen Xers are naturally skeptical, because they grew up in a time of political and social change and widespread cynicism and distrust of institutions. That means you have to work hard at earning their trust.

Gen Xers use several direct channels to research what they want, but their approach is not to instantly buy. It is more about gathering information that helps them understand what is going on in a marketplace before they make a decision. They want to contrast and compare as many sources as possible to arrive at the right final decision. They do not take direct marketing at face value.

Marketing resistance is at an all-time high with this group. Gen Xers are among the most aggressive at rejecting intrusive marketing, and they have the knowledge, sophistication and willingness to disconnect themselves from marketers when they feel attacked by unwanted solicitation. To get this group’s attention, you have to work hard to earn its trust. You do that through great service and time-saving conveniences.

Generation Y, the Millennials (30 years old or younger)

Also known as the “connected kids,” Generation Y is 
the generation of everything. Its members are confident, self reliant, optimistic and empowered by their command of digital technologies. They are materialistic and exist to consume.

A major drawback to this group is their lack of brand loyalty. They often see aesthetic rejuvenation as a commodity because they can’t “see” the difference between service providers.

Reaching them requires working off of another aspect of Generation Y: their need for memorable experiences and community.

Experiences are a selling point for this age group, so emphasize how your services can be shared with their friends. Messages should create a sense of happiness, optimism and fun.

It would be rare to find a person from this generation who doesn’t own a cellphone. To market to Generation Y effectively, you need to promote your practice on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This group doesn’t rely on email as much as baby boomers or Generation X, except to collect coupons and other deals. They would rather communicate using social media platforms such as Facebook or via text message. Thus, you are better off using short messages about a deal you have than spending a lot of time informing them about your credentials and the clinical aspects of the procedure. They also respond well to pay-later options or monthly payment plans.

Crossing Generations 
through Technology

The ubiquity of technology has required all generations
to “plug in.” Grandparents talk to their grandchildren via Skype, while many baby boomers have resigned themselves to the fact that the best way to communicate with their children is via text. Therefore, a multi-dimensional marketing approach combining print, email, social media and even texting can garner the greatest audience. But going one step further and identifying key age groups for your procedures, then crafting specific marketing messages to that generation’s unique characteristics can give you an edge in increased bookings and word-of-mouth exposure.

See many more strategies laid out in my next Webinar “Marketing to ALL Generations without Going Broke” will lay all of this out for you in great detail.

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“See” you there –


Hold Your Own $45,000 Patient Event

How would you like to hold a fun patient event that brings in $45,000+ in just 2-3 hours?

You can and it’s pretty simple.

Patient Events, done right, can be the foundation of your successful cosmetic practice.

They can increase your name recognition in your community.

They can be the answer to strategic alliances who can refer to you.

They can wake up your current patients who would return for more services if they only knew.

They can reawaken your long-lost patients.

Best of all, they can add new excitement to your staff and your practice because you will see revenue-producing results with a lot LESS effort.

We all know how difficult it’s getting to grab the attention of the prospective patient so it’s time to
be way more strategic so you not only get their attention, you compel them to say YES.

You have a choice.

You can continue to work hard for each new patient who may come… and go…


You can work smart for a patient procedure that flows into a lifetime patient who returns to you for years to come and who brings you their friends, family and co-workers because, they too, want to get to know you and your services.

Now that you know WHY, here are (3) pointers to help you set up your
own profitable patient event:

Choose Your Theme Wisely

Decide what this event is all about so it attracts the right audience.
Cosmetic patients today are inundated with things to do so the more
specific you can be, the better chance you have of getting the right
patients to your event.

It can be a theme to do with the time of year such as “Spring is Here,
Time to Rejuvenate” or it can be a fun theme like “Girls Night Out”
which is always a good one. Or, it can be an overall theme like, “Our
Annual Patient Appreciation Event”.

Keep Them Busy While At Your Event

One of the objectives of the event is to educate the attendees on
cosmetic services they want or would want – if they only knew about
them. If you’ve ever heard your patients say, “I didn’t know you did
that”, that means you want to bump up your educational materials.

However, you want to promote in a fun way so your guests don’t feel
like they are being “sold” to. Use other communication channels
such as computer imaging, skin analysis and digital photo frames to
show off your work in a non-threatening way.

Follow-Up After the Event

This is where most practices fall short. They are just relieved the
event is over and they can get back to work and put their office back
in order.

However, this is just the beginning. You did the hard part, which was
getting prospective patients in to spend time with you. Now be sure
they come back! Collect their contact information so you can thank
them for coming, welcome them back to your practice, get their
feedback and stay in touch.

My next Webinar “Easy Steps to your own $45,000 Patient Event” will lay all of this out for you in great detail.

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“See” you there –


Differentiate or Die

A plastic surgeon client was complaining to me the other day that his colleague was doing more surgeries than he was.

He was frustrated because he KNEW he was way more qualified and skilled than this other guy.

He had been in the area longer than this other guy.

And, to top it off, his prices were even better than this other guy’s.

So, why was “the other guy” doing better than him?

The answer is simple and complicated…

The simple answer is the other guy somehow positioned himself as the “Best Surgeon” over the others in his area.

So now, he is seen as different and that can mean better in the eyes of the prospective patients. That means he can charge more. When he charges more, he has more budget to spend on things that help him stand out.

For example, he can afford stellar staff, a killer Website and he can offer top-notch customer service.  He also has more resources to spread his word to a larger audience so even more prospective patients think he’s the best.

The more complicated part of the answer to the question above is HOW he did that in such a competitive marketplace.

How Competitive is it?

Before I get into the How, here are stats to give you an idea of just how competitive it’s gotten and how much CHOICE the aesthetic patient has:

-       6,882 plastic surgeons in the US (USNews.com/health)
-       6,580 ASPS members (Plastic & Recon Surgeons)
-       2,600 ASAPS members (Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
-       2,700 AAFPRS members (Plastic & Recon Facial Surgeons)
-       2,000 AACS members (Non-core specialties)
-       16,000 Dermatologists (10-20% offering Cosmetic Services)
-       2,100 Medi-Spas

** Wikipedia says 60,000 physicians today are offering aesthetic cash services (so it must be true).

The bottom line is, it’s time to Differentiate or Die.

That is actually the title of a very good business book written by branding expert Jack Trout.  He says the only way to survive in our era of killer competition is to be different than your competitors.

Because the opposite of that is to appear the same as all the others and that will kill your success and your profits.

So, how do you differentiate YOU from your competitors offering similar cosmetic procedures?

The Top 3 Strategies to pull you out of the herd and to the top of the mountain are:

Strategy 1) Showcase your skills and talents better than the others

Your prospective patients want and NEED to know you are a skilled professional and they will have peace of mind they will get a good result they’re happy with. For example, if you’re an expert at a certain procedure and your patients have gotten WOW results, highlight that in your materials. Here’s a secret: While your competitors brand themselves as generalists, patients want specialists. So, by promoting one of your top skills, you stand out.

Strategy 2)  Develop better relationships with your patients

Your patients will NOT remember what you TOLD them.

Your patients will NOT remember what you SHOWED them.

Your patients WILL remember how you made them FEEL.

Strategy 3)  Promote YOU more strategically

Your prospective patients will most likely do a google search using your name so they can get a sense of who you are, your values, your work and what others say about you.  So, what will they learn about you?

Success in the aesthetic rejuvenation world is closely linked to your reputation and what others are saying about you so you’ll want to monitor it closely.  You’ll also want to control what’s being said about you as much as possible.

I will go into these 3 strategies in much greater detail on my next Webinar so join me for the time zone that works best for you:

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Tuesday, February 11

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5 Phone Fixes Worth $528,000 a Year

Bad Phones are Costing You

Bad Phones are Costing You

Did you know that 20-30% of potential new patients are lost on the first phone call to your practice and that . . .

9 out of 10 offices have poorly-trained staff who can’t convert callers to patients, costing them thousands of dollars a year in missed revenues. Are you one of them?

The number #1 complaint I get from doctors like yourself is they have great staff but they are just not skilled enough when it comes to promoting you to your patients. So, you hear callers hang up without scheduling.

Everything you do to promote your aesthetic practice will be a waste of time and money if your staff can’t close the callers. Why spend thousands of dollars on a great advertisement if the new patients are met with unhelpful or unfriendly staff answering the phone? No ad is good enough to make up for poorly trained staff…

Anytime a prospective patient calls, the staff gives them an impression about you and your practice. What impression is your staff giving your valuable prospective patients?

Think about it . . . You pay all of this overhead to salaried staff members to work with your aesthetic patients so you can focus on the medical side of your practice only to find that 7 out of 10 of the prospective patients who call you hang up without booking an appointment…

. . . Only to learn the would-be patient decided to wait or to “think it over” — never to be heard from again. Most doctors don’t realize just how much money is slipping through their fingers because their team is ill-prepared to handle patient inquiries effectively. I’ll give you a hint on the loss: if you are losing 1 patient a day at $2,000, do you realize that adds up to $100,000 per year that could have gone into your pocket?

Are you 100% sure your staff has the necessary skills to promote you and close the aesthetic patient?

For years now, I have called and met with practices to “mystery shop” to see how patient inquiries are handled. Quite frankly, I’ve been shocked by what I have witnessed.

No wonder prospective patients aren’t booking! As a prospective patient, I’ve been hung up on, curtly told to call back and my questions dismissed because they are interrupting the receptionist.  You don’t even know how often your staff acts as the profit-prevention department rather than the customer service department ready to help, educate and advise.

 Why Can’t Your Staff Convert?

Fact is your staff may be unknowingly sabotaging your best practice promotion efforts because they don’t have the skills or the training they need to close a simple appointment. I assure you — you would be shocked at some of the things your staff is saying to the patients that are making them run the other way.

But It’s Not Your Staff’s Fault — They Need Help!

 Most likely, they are doing their best with the limited skills they have and would do better if they knew better. Turn your staff into money-making assets with the proper training. In order for staff to be able to convert calls from prospective patients to appointments, they need to know how to effectively handle patient inquiries — it’s that simple.

 If You Give Your Staff the Magic Words, They Will Gratefully Use Them to Make You More Profitable! Clear and consistent communication with your prospective patients is, by far, the fastest way to convert them to eager, cash-paying, loyal patients. I guarantee your staff will be more effective and close more appointments if you give them the tools they need to bond with, promote you and the practice, and close these prospective patients.

Attend my next Webinar, and be sure your staff is there, while I talk about the 5 Phone Fixes Worth $528,000 a Year. I am holding it during your lunch hour so you and your staff can attend. It will be worth 30 minutes of your time.

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